Natural Non-Artificial Sofa Upholstery Fabric

Finding the best sofa upholstery fabric, whether it is natural and non-artificial or synthetic and non-natural, is completely dependent on people’s taste, the size of the place where the sofa will be put in, the walls’ colors in the target place, the size of the family or the number of people who live in there, and more other factors.

At first sight, choosing an appropriate fabric matched in your place will be a bit complicated and challenging. A lot of fabrics are now available in types and colors, having various patterns and materials that can harden people’s the right choice. In this case, the straightest way that gives you an informed choice is to know the fabric types and their characteristics.

Based on the sofa upholstery fabric categorization, the first main section we need to know is natural fabrics, including fibers and cloth that are made of animals or plants. Natural fabrics are still overly popular all around the world to give an example of an ideal sofa fabric. To put it another way, natural fabrics are more favorite due to their special and unique features.

For instance, they are anti-allergy and have no problems with human skin exposed to touch. They are not made of chemicals that cause some diseases, especially for those who have soft and gentle skins such as babies and girls. Most natural fabrics are made of organic fibers that give you a sense of softness and comfort. Consequently, we are supposed to give you a comprehensive explanation of natural, non-artificial, sofa fabrics.

Natural Non-Artificial Sofa Upholstery Fabric

Natural Cotton Upholstery Fabric

In the past, people used to cover themselves and their stuff with natural fabric like animal skin and plant fibers namely cotton. In those early days, people did not have a sofa or a couch to look for top-quality upholstery fabric. They only used to get dressed and try to be survived. Gradually, they began to make other forms of fabrics and became aware of other uses of fabrics. Using fabrics, they then made their tents warm and decorate their clothes.

The very first fabric people started to use was cotton which was made of the cotton plant. These days cotton is still being used in many more ways specifically in furniture. This fabric which is naturally made of plants might be named among the three top favorite fabrics that are used in the furniture.

Cotton is globally renowned for its softness and durability, easily takes color, and is available in many color degrees. Cotton is commonly used by most people who need a flexible, strong, and beautiful fabric for their furniture. Its cleaning way is so simple and you can do it with a sponge, some water, and a little washing liquid or powder.

While cotton has many advantages like what we mentioned before, it has also a few negative points that should be considered. One is getting easily stained due to its material. Another is that in each environment cotton simply stinks and wrinkles. Also, it is not sunlight-resistant and fades its color in this case. Other natural or nature-friendly fabrics are accessible that we are going to introduce in the following sentences.

Natural Cotton Upholstery Fabric

Organic Velvet Upholstery

If you are looking for organic upholstery fabric, velvet is the right choice. Like cotton, velvet is popular and well-known in the world of furniture. People have been using velvet from the past till today. Original velvet has been made mostly of linen and yarn, looking soft and embossed. Velvet was made of silk in the past, but nowadays it is being made of silk and rayon fibers due to the high cost of silk.

By developing technology and hi-tech machinery in the textile industry, velvet is now made of new materials that lead to various colors, countless patterns, and many more outstanding types people are looking for. Due to velvet popularity and luxury, lots of types of it are going to be manufactured. Textile factories hire great designers to find the latest designs and ideas applicable to velvet fabrics in the world’s competitive market.

Manufacturers are adding new production lines in their places to produce new patterns and colors of velvet. They are well aware of the Earth’s huge number of customers to find the most perfect velvet fabrics in the case of patterns. Velvet is famous because it is soft and durable. Its fabric gives a fancy look to your place and has many pros to be selected in comparison to cons. Keep reading the following lines that will clarify some interesting facts about eco-friendly fabrics.

Organic Velvet Upholstery

Eco Friendly Upholstery Fabric

In the modern world, people focus on something beyond personal basic needs like producing eco-friendly upholstery fabrics. They do not still think about potential needs which have already been solved. They are thinking of social and even global needs. One of the main global concerns is our ecosystem which is extremely damaged by dumping trash and chemicals almost everywhere.

Oceans, seas, plains, deserts, jungles, and other natural places are endangered. So this issue will be an international concern. Textile production companies try to help it by using technology and advanced machinery to produce kinds of eco-friendly fabrics that are recyclable and nature-protective. Used fabrics leave in the nature and small useless pieces of fabrics which are known as rags, are thrown away that finally dump in our motherland.

The situation gets worse when we realize that most non-standard fabrics are made of toxic chemicals and petroleum substances like plastic, nylon, etc. that remain in nature for hundred years. Besides natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, linen, and so on that are all recyclable and have no harm to the environment, synthetic fabrics are being modified by the latest technology.

To give an example, companies are removing harmful materials from the artificial leather and replacing them with eco-friendly substances like seaweed or cork, which is driven by trees.

Eco Friendly Upholstery Fabric


In this article, we tried to help you by giving a guidline on types of natural sofa upholstery fabrics and introducing a new modern version of them that is called eco-friendly fabrics. We also give you some examples of natural sofa fabrics including a short history of how people thought and used fabrics in those times. To sum up, we are hoping to help you have an excellent choice of fabrics.

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